Hell is a 2 square mile little town just west of Ann Arbor, Mi. Around here when we tell someone to go to Hell, we actually can go there. The town was official in 1841. You can get your letter/taxes stamped at the post office there. They actually put some burn marks on the stamp. You can go to Screams Icecream shop for a Grave Diggers Split or some souvenirs like Ghost Poop. Great fun place to visit. They also have a chappel where you can get married. Lots of festivals throughout the summer. Good Morning America once broadcast live on Halloween.

Picture to the left is the party store and you can get your letter stamped. 

You can buy some souvenir's and Pizza!


To the right is the Dam Site Inn. A great place to stop by on your motorcycle come summer time and have one of Smitty's famous Bloody Mary's  and buy his  Sauces Mix.

There is usually a fish fry on Friday Nights and live bands on the weekends.

So if you want to go to Hell, then GO!